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A Christmas Survival Guide

November 29 thru Dec 14

Christmas Survival Guide.jpg


Do you find the holidays more than a little stressful?

This show is for you! Each year, it seems the holidays grow more and more hectic and before we know it, Christmas arrives without so much as a hello or goodbye. If you're like the crazy and heartfelt personalities in James Hindman and Ray Roderick’s “A Christmas Survival Guide” that’s either a bad thing or…a bad thing. Indeed, there isn’t so much a plot in “A Christmas Survival Guide” but a connective tissue: the stress of the holiday season. Whether being single, dreaming of being a mall-Santa Claus, and hilariously going through a 12-step program about obsessive holiday habits, we’ve all been there. Especially this year where it seems society has skipped Thanksgiving and headed right into oncoming Black Friday traffic. Still, Steve DeBruyne’s heartfelt musical revue gives audiences plenty to embrace.

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