The Spitfire Grill

February 20th and 21st 7pm to 10pm


What to prepare:

Monologue (2 minutes maximum)

32 bars  Classic musical theatre piece

Accompanist provided (no acapella auditions).

email to schedule an appointment

Performance  dates:

April 22nd thru May 7th

Friday and Saturday at 7:30 pm, Sunday at 3 pm

A feisty parolee follows her dreams, based on a page from an old travel book, to a small town in Wisconsin and finds a place for herself working at Hannah's Spitfire Grill. The Grill is for sale, but there are no takers for the only eatery in the depressed town, so newcomer Percy convinces Hannah to raffle it off. Entry fees are one hundred dollars and the best essay on why you want the Grill wins. Soon, mail arrives by the wheelbarrow and things really start cookin' at the Spitfire Grill.


Percy Talbott: Percy is pretty, if a bit rough-edged. Her face declares the strength of her youth and a sadness beyond her years. She carries a terrible secret. - Mezzo-Soprano - with Belt to D


Hannah Ferguson:  Hannah is the owner of the Spitfire Grill. She is a tough-skinned and flinty old bird with a short, no-nonsense manner bordering on the bitter. She can also be very tender-hearted and fiercely loyal. She has a secret of her own to protect. - Alto


Shelby Thorpe:  Shelby is a plain, soft-faced creature with a shy, almost ethereal manner. She is the wife of Caleb Thorpe. Once her trust is gained, she also is a very loyal friend. – Soprano  with Belt to D


Caleb Thorpe: The out-of-work foreman of the now-defunct stone quarry, Caleb is a frustrated man clinging to the past and the authority he once had. He bitterly opposes change. – Baritone to G


Sheriff Joe Sutter:  Joe is a young, small-town policeman with a restless nature and a genuine desire to escape Gilead. – Tenor to G/A


Effy Crayneck: Effy is postmistress and the town busybody. She is a woman with narrow eyes and a sour tongue. There’s little to gossip about in a town so small, but when there is, she is the source. - Alto


The Visitor: A mysterious figure who never speaks, the visitor has powerful eyes and a very strong sense of his body.